Frequently Asked Questions

Residential proxies mask your location by using the IP address of an internet service provider (eg. Sky, BT, Frontier), this results in you having a far less chance of being banned, as the site you are botting will see a request from what looks like a human being. These proxies are slower than datacenter proxies, but with the added benefit of extra protection, these could be the proxies for you!
Data Center proxies mask your location, however all proxies originate from a data center, which is a physical server with incredible speeds. Data center proxies are banned more commonly, as the website you are botting can see a request directly from the datacenter, and ban it. However, many sites don’t have this kind of protection, and the added benefit of incredibly fast speeds make these proxies the best choice for some users.
Static proxies will hold one IP constantly, this results in faster speeds, but higher chances of being banned. Rotating proxies change their IP on every single request, which leads to slower speeds, but higher chances of staying off the radar.
We aim to have an automated delivery system within the first month of our company going live. However, as a new company, we kindly ask for some leeway in the first few months as we arrange all of our systems to work automatically. With no fully automated system, we still aim to send all orders within 4 hours of you placing your order! All proxies will be delivered for you to cook in time!
With our residential plans, we support the EU and USA, which therefore covers all major release sites.
Although this changes from time to time, our proxies support all sites such as: - Supreme
- Shopify
- Footsites
- Mesh
- Adidas
- YeezySupply
- Nike
Often this is because your plan may have expired. If not, please feel free to open a support ticket in the discord channel ​#support-tickets​ and our staff will be more than happy to help.
Residential proxy is basically an address provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It uses residential IPs and it is used by the majority of legitimate proxy users. Similar to residential proxies, they will mask your real address but are not provided by ISPs. A residential IP address is an IP address tied to a physical device, for example, a mobile phone or desktop computer. Their real owners, Internet service providers, register residential IP addresses in public databases, which lets websites determine a device’s internet provider, network and location. Most online services recognize residential IP addresses as real people, as opposed to those who use data center IP addresses.
As of Jan 2020, we support 175+ countries.
In the case of Sticky proxies, the end-point IP remains the same for a certain time interval, whereas in the case of rotating the IP-address changes with each request.
The IPs would be from real residential broadband and mobile providers, so you can think of them as ATT, Comcast, sprint etc for US.
As of Jan 2020, we have a pool size of 18M+ IP-addresses.
Yes, please talk to our customer service agent and they will guide you through the process.
We offer pre-filtered proxies for certain websites, specially sneaker websites. Our customer service agents can enable those filters for you if that is required.
We have tied up with various SDK providers who are installed in the end-point laptops and computers. These SDK providers allows the users to choose whether they want to see ads of share the data, for which they are financially rewarded in case if they share their data. The users who choose to share their data become a part of our pool.
These is no such thing as sneaker proxies, the only thing that matters is whether an IP has been flagged by a sneaker site. Our pool is fresh, never used before, and we keep on rotating it which keeps it fresh for longer periods and does not allow it to be flagged by sneaker sites.
Yes, we do. Please get in touch with our customer care agent for more information.
Fully customizable. If you are using our service as a reseller, your customers will have no way of knowing that you are using us as an upstream. You will get dedicated servers, DNS and your own APIs to access the pool.
We offer only user/pass authentication.
Our entry-points are v4, but exit points may be v4 or v6 depending on the website DNS configuration.